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If your business is lagging behind, you can consider blogging as a means to boost it. Static websites have been known for their inability to attract new customers but a blog, due to its dynamic nature, can help in attracting more customers. Publishing in-depth posts that offer solutions to customers can help in growing your business. With a blog, one is able to get immediate feedback and you can work on issues that can end up affecting the business. Blogging is one tool that if properly used can change how information is shared and boost businesses.

This post (courtesy of describes how blogging can be used to boost and existing business and to attract new customers.

At its core blogging is about sharing ideas and personal opinions. While bloggers may have ideas bouncing all over the place, a crucial choking point is trying to convey those ideas from our mind to paper.

Blogging typically requires generating loads of content, so if we can find a way to create that content at a more efficient pace it only makes our job that much easier.

Below are 5 action items we can follow to become more productive bloggers.

Create an idea list

Great ideas can spawn anytime, and we need to make sure we have a system to capture those eureka moments before they slip away. Whether you use a sophisticated application like Evernote or just pen and paper, come up with a set way to store blogging ideas and reference it when you are ready to create.

Focus on one article at a time

When it is time to actually write an article, focus on one at a time. While it may be tempting to flip back and forward as ideas pop into the head, it actually makes the final product take longer, while dropping the quality at the same time.

Outline your article

As useless as I thought creating outlines in English class were, I have never found them so important and useful as I do now.

Outlines allow us to visually see all pieces of an article and how we can best craft it together. In relation to blogging, an outline also makes it easier to see where we can link to other articles from our blog and insert any appropriate affiliate links.

Finally, an outline will let us know if the idea is actually meaty enough to be a full fledge article as sometimes the ideas in our head turn out not to be so grand or in-depth when we break it down onto paper.

Write all the way through the article before editing

When putting together an article you may be tempted to stop and go back earlier into the work to fix or add onto something, but that just ends of breaking the current concentration or flow of the article.

Write all the way through the article once, and then edit, remove, and add stuff as you see fit.

Create a checklist for post-article publication

Whether you submit your articles to social bookmarking sites, social networks, or email distribution lists, create a set checklist of tasks that should be done once an article is published.

Perhaps you could even pawn those tedious tasks out to somebody else, and by writing them out it makes it easier to share what needs to be done.

Wrapping it all together

Regardless of where we are trying to improve our productivity, creating a defined list of tasks or action items to follow is a great way to master that activity and achieve increased efficiency.

The less we make our brain focus on administrative tasks, the more free it is to be creative.

If you want to be a more productive blogger, stop thinking about quantity, focus on one article at a time, and rinse and repeat. Before you know it, you will be spitting out great content faster than ever before.